Humanitarian Aid Logistics

Humanitarian Aid Logistics

When it comes to humanitarian aid logistics, STRATLOG has your problem solved.

humantOver the past two decades there has been an escalation of the number of severe events that have impacted communities within Australasia and the South Pacific. These events have displaced many people from their homes and placed undue financial and operational pressures on emergency services, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Governments to provide wide-ranging contingency and sustainment services and community accommodation solutions in the event of floods, cyclones, fires and other events.

STRATLOG’s solution not only focuses on a resolution for scalable and rapidly deployed services, but the importance of creating culture which embraces social services with the goal of returning communities and families to their social “norm” as soon as possible.

We undertake thorough reconnaissance of each affected area. Based on our observation of what is actually required, we send a fit-for-purpose solution to the region to ensure resources and equipment are distributed effectively and efficiently.

STRATLOG can provide Governments greater value for money by co-ordinating a rapid response solution and ancillary services without relying on Governments to provide additional labour, materials or services by utilising the right commercial provider in the right region to deliver the right product at the right time. The services provided are scalable in size as well as complexity.

Our services encompass self-sufficient life support for our emergency and crisis response teams. These can be extended to all Government and NGO staff members who are deployed into a region, providing you with peace of mind as to the welfare of personnel. These services include transport by road air or sea, to and from affected areas.

Our strength is management, integration and co-ordination. STRATLOG has demonstrated performance in working with multiple Government and Non-Government Organisations from the Mayors of Local Governments to Red Cross project coordinators to meet the desired outcomes of any project.

STRATLOG operates an extensive internal Quality and Systems auditing and improvement program and schedule to measure and continually improve its management systems. In order to validate the system, Certification has been achieved in ISO 9001 (Quality), both at an organisation level, and at an operational site level to verify the integrity of the system throughout the business. This intensity of review extends through to the monitoring and measurement of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with contract, legislative and internal requirements.

With the declaration of a disaster event, a range of cost recovery arrangements are normally activated. Our solution for “Who is going to pay?” is detailed in a unique, fit-for-purpose financial model that provides budget certainty. Removal of margin-on-margin and delivery of on-going cost efficiencies through innovation are key tenets of our service solutions.

The question of “Who do we call?” to provide integrated logistics is solved by a dedicated 1800 number with 24/7/365 support and direct access to our Emergency Management Team.

However, all of these services are rendered useless without the proper planning. In preparing for the next event, STRATLOG provides Integrated Logistics Planning Services. We recommend embedding STRATLOG representatives within your local Disaster Management Group to provide a range of logistical support functions ranging from those simple point-to-point transport solutions to the development of the more complex evacuee camp or other facilities and services.

When it comes to humanitarian aid logistics, STRATLOG has your problem solved.